Thursday, February 03, 2005

Valentine's Day Massacre: Pondering timing

The earlier strip about men v/s women's approach to sex had to be explored further. Why are men and women so out of synch sexually? Is there some sort of energy transference, and if there is why haven't women turned men into a slave race (some could argue we have)by now? LOL this is my slave race theory: women fuck men's brains out, then as they are recovering we use all that energy for taking over the world.
The missed wavelength during sex is the first problem. I am souped up by sex. I could run a 5k (and have) after a hot night under a guy. My partner didn't wake up till I got back from the race, showered and climbed back into bed. However, I had one lover that would jump up from bed RIGHT AFTER orgasm and run for the shower. This would then have him all energized and talking until I was the one that turned over and slept. So I don't think we are going to link our energy output anytime soon. Some of my thirtysomthing buddies have cured this problem by screwing much younger guys. This has its own host of problems so I haven't gone that rout yet. Thus we just keep having sex and figure it out as we go.