Saturday, February 19, 2005

Gallery Hopity and pleasant surprises...

Last night was the bi monthly Gallery Hop in Lexington ( I got a late start, but still got to get to my fave galleries. The Lexington Art League had a series of prints and abstract photography that was cool ( Its it the National City Bank Building so its normally my first stop. I then headed to the Downtown Arts Center, that had a collection of oils on canvas. The Actors Guild had a play on at the same time, and with Alfalfa's full it was a mob scene. Across the street at Lexington Public Library, they had some wonderful local scene acrylics and Quilt blocks hung as paintings. There was a line at Gallerie Soleil that I was most willing to stand in. Soleil is a private loft of several studios. That place is my chance to actually hang in the personal studio space of several successful artists. John Ridener and Tony Adams are two of my faves, and I get to talk at length with them every time I go. Its a delicious feeling. I hit ArtsPlace and Bodly-Bullock House before I reached Mecca. Now Mecca ( is not only a gallery of sorts but also a dance studio. And to my delight and surprise that were having a performance art/recital/benefit for Tsunami relief that I made just in time. What followed was two hours of delight. They did several scenes from Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, as well as Balinese dancing. The whole experience was hip and artsy and fun. Gallery Hop is the date I take myself on every other month, and worth every moment.