Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ghosts are afraid of witches

Went ghost hunting with a guy friend tonight as various haunted areas of Lexington, and I came to a conclusion: ghost don't seem to like me. I know that some witches do ghost hunt, my friend in CT is especially gifted. They just are afraid of me. I've done a lot of work with getting rid of ghosts, so they saw me coming and ran like hell. For some of you who aren't familiar with ghost hunting, it goes like this: You go to a haunted site, then take pictures while you talk to them either with a cam carder or digital camera. Then when you replay them you look for orbs, ectoplasm, etc. Basically stuff that shouldn't be there. I've seen some of my friends pics and he gets all sorts of stuff. He's also a born again Christian. We went first to Ashland, Henry Clay's house ( and took pics. Not as many orbs there as when he was alone. Then we got ambitious and climbed the fence into Lexington Cemetery
( All we got were red streaks from the orbs hauling ass in the other direction away from me. They can sense in me the training I have in helping (or making )them cross over. So I will probably be left home next time. It was cool walking in the cemetery though, very Goth...