Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day Massacre: Final Thoughts

I was in the process Saturday of writing the most scathing, vitriolic, hateful entry about Valentine's Day I could manage. Then I went to the Valentine's party held by Mr. Cool and his swing club. Mr. Cool and his shack up were fighting, so no Valentine's celebration with him. Did my usual thing with flirting with all the people I knew, and trying to make the newbie's comfortable. About 10pm after a decent sized joint and 4 Fuzzy Navels (, I was reasonably relaxed to play. A new guy approached me, and started talking, I'll call him T. He was a reasonably pleasant guy, a bit on the yuppie side but funny. Turned my head a second, then turned it back and he was kissing me. Very well. What started to catch my attention was the he was in no hurry for anything else, just deep kissing. But after an hour of necking (HIGHLY UNUSUAL), one of us talked the other into heading to his room, I cant recall who. And what followed was about 3 hours of the hottest sex I've had in almost a year. What made it hot was not 22 positions, or technique. This guy treated me like a GODDESS. He continually praised me for my beauty. He kept saying how perfect I was, how incredible I tasted and smelled and felt under his mouth and hands. The best part was that after 2 mutual orgasms (Rare as Hell for me), he didn't run to the next partner. He laid there and held me and kept up the praise and affection, and kept up the long deep sensual kisses. He sought no other partner that night, as is common at a swing party. For three hours I was the sole universe of a member of the opposite sex. And it had been far too long.

It is so ironic about life. Just when I was getting ready to trash love in general, Valentine's Day in particular, and men specifically, I get a curve ball flung my way. And the biggest surprise at all, I hit a home run. After the past year of walking around supposedly holding myself above the messiness of romance, I got reminded about what it could be. In a one night stand of all things. The past few weeks have dealt me a beating, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I was questioning my self esteem. And then one perfect encounter reinforced my self worth. Logically I know I am an incredible woman with gifts and talents and passions, and my own version of beauty. Maybe I just need reminded more often? Who really knows. The goddess Aphrodite gave me a gift on Saturday I won't soon forget. As for Valentine's Day, it will forever continue to be an overhyped, media driven exercise in wholesale humiliation, until we can all learn that romance and love starts with the self, then we share it.


KR said...

Yes! I'm so pleased for you!