Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day memories

I need to take a few minutes to thank a few veterans in my life for their sacrifice...

You were a shy country boy from up a holler when you were sent to Vietnam. You ended up becoming Forrest Gump. As a scout you looked for booby traps and retrieved pieces of bodies of kids your age to send home. When you came home yourself, you were almost shattered. You preservered. And in middle age, you married my mother. You have been the only true father figure I have ever had. I thank you.

You were a kid from a upper middle class family from Virginia. You joined the Air Force because you knew the Army would draft you the next week. You went to Vietnam to be cook, and had to fight when the Tet Offensive came knocking at your kitchen door. You came home also a troubled, restless man. You married my mother first, and engendered me. You drug us all over the country looking for a greener pasture. Then you abandoned us, actually me, to the emotional abuse of my mother's family. I found you again 22 years later. I rarely talk to you but you have righted your life and gave me mine. I thank you.

You were 21 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Three years later you were in the Pacific going from island to island to fight them. You were one of the first soldiers to step into Hiroshima, dressed only in summer fatigues, unaware of what radiation was. You were wounded, and got the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. You came back to Eastern Kentucky to marry a little teenage girl with Rheumatic fever who needed your medical benefits. You ended up having 11 children with that little girl, and are still married to her now, 58 years later. One of those children is my mother. I never got along with you, I still don't, but I do love and respect you. Thank you.

You were a career Air Force man who flew bombing missions in Viet Nam while your family waited for you in the Philippines. During the Tet Offensive, you risked your life to keep flying into the combat zone to evacuate soldiers using a airstrip half blown away. For that, you got the Silver Star. You retired a Lieutenant Colonial, and raised your family, with my aunt your wife, contented in a job well done. Thank you.

You went into the Army at the age of 19 for college money. You learned how to fly Chinook helicopters, and to maintenance them, probably too well. You flew combat missions in Panama. You flew combat missions in Somalia. You flew combat missions in Desert Storm, where you had friends die in front of you. You went to Afghanistan, then Iraq keep the Chinooks flying. You have 5 combat patches and a year of service left to go before you retire. You think George W. Is a genius, you poor deluded thing. For keeping your boots on and back to the wall, I thank you.

You went into the Navy for a better life. You became a corpsman, then started working with the Marines. You traveled around the world. Somewhere on this journey you met The Dragon, then started dancing with him, almost to your ruin and the cost of your life. You left the Navy in a way that you wish you could change, so much so you even mentioned going back in to right the wrong. I love you for showing me what true courage is. Thank you baby.

And thank you to all the service men and women who put your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness on the line second by second. You serve voluntarily to protect what this country truly stands for, even if the Commander in Chief who sends you into harms way is unworthy to send you there. I thank you.

Mi-Su .:. Sexual Aesthestics... or "Rich people need love too"

I truly thought I had seen it all, until my friend Scott sent me a link to a unique web site

This site is exclusively for sex toys for the idle rich made out of obscenely expensive materials. You can get a dildo made out of titanium and covered in gems and precious metals for $2000. Butt plugs made out of semi-precious stone go for $600. My personal fave was the rose quartz butt plug. All I can say is this: it must be nice having the disposable income for this stuff.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jenna Jamison's words of wisdom

In her book "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star", Jenna Jamison has a section called her 10 commandments. Here is an excerpt:

"II. THOU (men) SHALT NOT speak any of the following lines:

a. 'I'll just put the head in'

b. ' So does this mean im not getting any'

c. 'We dont have to use a condom, ive never had a problem before'

d. 'what do you mean you don't want to cuddle'

e. 'my friends will never believe this'

f. ' I can put all those guys youve worked with to shame'

g. ' I ran out of money, wheres your purse'

h. ' these sex toys are basically new'

i. ' We have to be quiet my mothers sleeping'

j. ' Your tits feel almost as good as my sisters'

k. ' I swear the camera isn't on'

l . 'Well, my ex-girlfriend used to do it'

m. ' if its the police tell them i'm not home'

n. 'its not contagious anymore'

VI. THOU(men) SHALT NOT be able to take a bigger dildo than i can.

IX. THOU(men) SHALT NOT pretend like it slipped (she is referring to back-door guy who tries to put it in your butt every other stroke)"

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A very subtle explosion

I was really all set for depression today, as I was in 2003 and 2004. Like the previous two years, I awoke well aware of what day it was, and about what had happened 9 years before. But I felt the shift instantly. This had become like any other day. Work was as boring and mundane as it always was. I only mentioned once what today once meant to me, after seeing an engaged coworker's newly delivered wedding bands. I thought I would come home and watch the video for the first time since John died. The funny thing was I had no urge to now. Before, I was desperate to watch it, but too scared to. Instead I came home and power walked, then talked to Daniel for a long time on the phone. In the moment I listened to his voicemail I knew what had happened. I had come full circle.
John and I had two weddings, a handfasting in Sept 1995, and a legal full wedding on May 25, 1996. I always considered the former one the true anniversary, the the second one was the nightmare, overdone wedding most women want. I never thought I would reach the day where I could remember this day fondly but without a twinge of sadness. But that is indeed what happened today. I realize now that I have finished the grieving process, and a new love has entered my life. I am now more interested in the life ahead with Daniel than the live behind with John. Daniel and I have know each other for only 2 months and I am realistic enough to know that it is too soon to think about handfasting. But the potential is there, and that makes a future.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kiss running goodbye

Well it has come to the point that I must bid running a sad farewell. A few weeks ago my doctor told me the ultimate warning that my hips and knees would not stand much more punishment. So I decided today on a long power walk that running was over for me. I am sad about this, since I did like the challenge. I can still get my heart rate up just as high with walking, so that's going to be it for me. There were some accomplishments I had in running: I did 2 5k's. Maybe one day when I can get the weight off it will be better for me and I might try again...who knows.

Sexual astrology public service announcement

LOL This was just published on a friends site, and with his permission I post it here. Go ahead, see where you and your lover stands! PS...Im a cancer :P

Jan 21 - Feb 19
Ruling Planet: URANUS

The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns. Aquarians make much
better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some
bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional
one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the
mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on.

They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most
inventive of all the signs. Mental stimulation is more important to
them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot!

Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They
are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping
around holds little interest for them.

Mutual masturbation.

A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have
some fun with this.

He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep at it and
control himself for as long as it takes for YOU to finish! He's up
for anything too. Role playing, S&M, posing nude in the backyard at
5am. He's into 3somes, swinging or open relationships if YOU are
involved. He'll do that for fun, but YOU are the only love of his

She's looking for a lover who will be upfront with her, but until
she finds him, she will make do with whoever is available. LOVE
freaks her out. She likes keeping her emotions under tight control
and may come across as cold, but she's just protecting herself.

Lie down as if you are top and tailing and gently tickle and
stroke the ankles and the calves. Don't tickle for giggles, but
tease. After awhile, do the same with your tongue. Lick up, down and
all around. Anywhere above the foot and below the knee is fair game.
Lightly nip the ankle of your Aquarian, they may laugh, but it's not
laughter from tickles, it's a release of tension that will most
definitely lead to some action!

Feb 20 - March 20
Ruling Planet: NEPTUNE

The God in charge of delicious dreams, dangerous deceptions and
sexual fantasies Sexually speaking, Pisces is putty in your hands.
Anything you want, anything, is only a question away. If you're
looking for someone who will go the extra mile to discover all your
secret moan zones, then Pisces is for you!

When a typical Piscean makes out, it's an act of romance rather than
pure pleasure. Pisces is the sign of love itself. They are so
romantic and want satin sheets and candles, poetry and a full moon.
Music also gets them in the mood.

One of their least appetizing traits is their ability to become
very, very jealous. Sometimes they are so scared of losing the fairy-
tale romance that they ruin the happy ending themselves.

Pisces is all about Oral affections!

A copy of the Kama Sutra, since your fish is into almost anything

He is romantic and has the reputation of being a womanizer. The
girlfriend of a Piscean man should keep her eye on the ball as he
can be a bit flighty.

But he does make an excellent lover. He's from the old school that
sex should be an almost out of body experience, and if he's
showering his attentions on you, you're in for a hell of a good ride!

She needs romance. It's the very air that she breathes. She needs to
be held gently and whispered sweet nothings to but when it comes to
between the sheets action, she's never happy doing the same ol',
same ol' when she knows there are more exciting options at hand.

The Pisces Zesty-zone is their feet! If you want to make Pisces your
Love Slave, start with a warm, scented footbath and soak their feet
for 10 minutes. Then sit in front of them, cross-legged, and rub
their feet firmly through the water. Use kneading motions that run
from their ankles to the tips of their toes. After 5 minutes, get a
scrub brush and clean their tootsies with lots of TLC, dry them off
and lightly massage peppermint oil all over their feet, paying close
attention to between their toes. Pisces REALLY gets off on this!
Once oiled up, gently kiss each toe, one by one.
Then let your tongue take over and you're in baby!!!

March 21-April 20
Ruling Planet: MARS

The bonk now/think later God of War, aggression and action!
Sexually, Aries is an explosion waiting to happen! The
excitement is often in the chase more than the actual conquest
though and while they may appear to want to dominate, they do not
want a submissive partner. Routine brings boredom to sex for Aries,
so if you're only comfortable with the missionary position, go for
another sign, but if you like forceful personalities and enjoy
pretending you're a human Twistie, then you've found
paradise with an Aries.

Always on top and always in charge

Handcuffs! Like I said, Aries likes to take charge!

The Aries male is loud, domineering and 100% stud! He's from
the bump n grind school of lovemaking so if you're looking for
romantic dinners by candlelight and long walks on the beach, keep
looking! He's the original 5-minute man so if you're turned on by
ultra-macho grunt-and-groaning types, you've just found your ticket
to heaven! He's not prone to cheat unless you bore him in bed and he
likes sex fast and furious baby!

She views sex as more of a physical act than something from a soppy
romance novel. If you're a bored exec and want to find out what it's
like to be treated like a piece of meat, then go for a one night
stand with an Aries chick. She'll be gone before you wake up and may
not remember your name the next time you meet. She's got a touch of
KINK to her personality so don't get freaked out when she talks
dirty or puts you over her knee for a spanking. She's all woman, but
are you man enough to handle her?

If you want to seduce an Aries, running your fingers through their
hair is an awesome starting point! And licking and nibbling around
their face or neck will get them going too! Just be careful to keep
your saliva at bay. Drool is not cool!

April 21 - May 21
Ruling Planet: VENUS

The Goddess in charge of love, beauty and sex. Taureans are
ahead of the game when it comes to love coz they are ruled by VENUS,
the planet of Love! Taurus has all the qualities a lover desires,
including sensuality, loyalty and faithfulness. When a typical
Taurus makes love, it's the most physical and natural pleasure in
the world. They believe the romantic approach to sex almost always
pays off so they will happily cook dinner, buy flowers, and light
candles for someone they wanna bang. They don't like to rush things
and take everything, including sex, slowly.

The one Taurus enjoys most is the Missionary. Some may say this is
so unadventurous, but Taurus is very practical and this is the most

A battery powered "erotic massager"

The Taurean man needs a woman who will want to stay home to
eat and make love. He can be stubborn and is known to sulk like a
little boy, but he LOVES making up!! (Rrrrow!) He likes to take
things slow and gently and can last for hours,
always waiting for HER to finish before rolling over to sleep.

She is great at back massages and sex in general. She makes an art
of lovemaking. Just kissing her can bring some men to the big "O".
Her touch is gentle and tender, it excites and caresses and when in
the mood, she too can go for hours at a time, days on end.

There's nothing Taurus enjoys more than having their neck
kissed and their earlobes nibbled. Light, feathery caresses up and
down the neck followed by gentle licks, no biting, will make a
female writhe with delight and a male stand at attention within

May 22 - June 21
Ruling Planet: MERCURY

The swiftest God in the skies, who also happens to be in charge of
ultra-extreme raunchy talk. Talking about sex is Gemini's favorite
hobby and doing it comes a close second. Gemini's love flirting and
lap up attention from the opposite sex, but sometimes that's all
they're looking for. They need a lot of variety when it comes to
sex - dirty weekends away, a quickie in a shop doorway, serious
groping under the table at a fancy restaurant. A lot of Gemini's are
bisexual too and can often be drawn to those of the same sex.

As long as it's different every time, they're not fussy, but if they
must choose, it's that naughty number right after 68, since they can
come up for air if they need to.

Any illustrated book about kinky sex, so Gemini can pick up
some wild, new ideas.

He likes to give AND receive and can be quite inventive. He's a
lights on, in front of the mirror kinda guy and if you make a few
subtle noises and talk a wee bit dirty, he'll be very happy.

She is more interested in IQ than private parts. If she can't
respect the intellect, then satisfaction is not possible for her.
She may sleep around forever and never find her true love and she is
not the most faithful of the signs. She likes sex on the run, in an
airplane toilet, in the storeroom at work, in the backseat of a

Focus on the shoulders, arms and legs of a Gemini and you're
headed for the good books. They love a good massage and their hands
are so sensitive that even having their fingernails played with
sends shivers up their spine! Kiss up and down each of your Gemini's
arms, sneak in a few licks, nips and nibbles. If you get one or two
yelps, then you know you're doing something right. Then, move onto
the fingers, slowly kiss, lick, nip and nibble each fingertip, then
pull out the killer move - suck on each finger, slowly, as if it's a
lollipop. I'll almost offer a money back guarantee on this one

June 22 - July 23
Ruling Planet: THE MOON

Which isn't a planet at all but the satellite responsible for this
water sign's many mood swings! Love and sex go together for Cancer.
They need to feel secure in love before they can relax in sex and
Cancer often feels a little bit guilty after doing the deed because
they usually associate sex with babies, especially the women, who
either get pregnant at the drop of a hat or take longer than usual.
All Cancers WANT to be parents! Cancers become sexually excited when
they feel secure. They are turned on by home cooked meals and
partners who love kids. In so many ways, Cancer is the dream partner!

Any position that's comfortable and involves Cancer lying flat on
their back with all their sensitive areas exposed!

A drink or joint that will relax the overly-cautious crab!

He is a sensitive lover and will put his partner's needs before his
own. He has a tenderness about him that drives women wild! If the
Cancer guy decides he's in it for the long haul, he'll do whatever
it takes to keep his lover happy in and out of the bedroom. Oh, and
he's a BREAST man!!

She oozes sexiness and is born to mate!! Compliments and
kissing will win her over, so as you're nibbling on her ear,
whisper "you're so beautiful" to get her quivering. Perhaps the
Vincent (Big Brother) growl would work on a Cancer woman?

Concentrate on the breasts and pecs of Cancer to really get
them going. Start by kissing and brushing up against them.
Licking the Cancer female's nipple through her top will excite her,
but don't 'dive right in' coz you're likely to scare her.

It's the complete opposite for the Cancer male who will LOVE it if
you get straight to the point. Squeeze his pecs and bite his bod and
you'll have him bouncing off the walls in no time!

July 24 - August 23
Ruling Planet: THE SUN

Which isn't a planet at all, but a star, and just like Leo's
opinion of themselves, it's the center of our solar system! Leos can
be very 'into themselves' when they bonk. It's not that they don't
make their partner feel special, it's just that they often forget
about them as they secretly high-five themselves for scoring again!
Leo does actually want more from a partner than just sex though. Leo
wants love and friendship too. They can be very romantic, but when
they get into bed, it's not an experience they're about to have,
it's a show!

They like to perform... and they take requests! "Doing it" is the
ultimate stress buster for Leo and they are pretty damn good at it,
but they need constant praise for their outstanding performance.

Receiving 'oral affections', since Leo is all about getting

A camera, or a game of Strip Poker will get the cat purring or
perhaps you can use them both together!

You are the King of the Jungle and expect to be treated that way!
You are a good lover because you don't like to fail at anything. You
are sexy and have an aura of sexiness that is difficult to deny.
But, you will let anyone adore you, so your partner has to make the
effort or you will pad off to your next Lioness!!

You are elegant and sexy without even trying. Men love you and women
want to be you. You like to play cat and mouse with men and command
respect. In bed, you are a real panther and can scare the pants off
most men. You adore raw sex, so your
partner should go with you and enjoy it. You're a once in a
lifetime experience!

A Leo's 'moan zone' is his or her back. First of all, ask your Leo
to roll onto his/her tummy. Start with a gentle scratch that runs
from the top of the ass to the base of the skull. I'm not talking
about tender tickles or a tantalizing tease - I mean a REAL back
scratch, coz if there's one thing cats love, it's a scratch!

After a minute or so, get out the massage oil and spill it into a
snakey pattern on Leo's back. Then rub all over. Keep doing this
until you know Leo is ready to roll over. If they start falling
asleep, give them a gentle prod in a delicate place! Once Leo is
ready to roll over, don't let them! Leo will be excited by your
control. YOU decide when it's time to 'flip your feline' over and
get into the good stuff!

August 24 - September 23
Ruling Planet: Mercury

The God in charge of intellect and speed... but don't worry
because Virgo likes to take their time in the sack!! Virgos have two
sides to their personality. The Virgin and the Vixen. They may want
you to THINK they are all sweet and
virginal, but they are definitely NOT! However, Virgos are looking
for a long term partner, not a one night stand or an affair! They
tend to seduce with finesse, charm and subtlety so you may not even
realize you're being lured by a Virgo!! Once Virgo has been in a
relationship for awhile, they get engrossed in housework and things
like that, which can cause a serious dip in libido. Do NOT let this
happen! They are definitely more of a "can we cuddle instead" sign
that a 'let's get it on!' one when committed.

Almost anything, as long as it involves eye contact!

It's more of a game. Write down five wild sex acts and put them in a
bowl. Get Virgo to pick one out at random, and then do what you're
told!! Virgo LOVES spontaneous sexuality!

You can be quite boring at times because you have set views on how a
woman should be. You don't mean to criticize or offend, but your
perfectionist ways may drive your lover loopy! You DO have some
kinky ideas though, but it is difficult to get to the bottom of your
passion! You are a creature of habit, so if your lover can get you
into the habit of sleeping with her, who knows what might happen?

You are hardworking and careful about your appearance, but you
really do fantasize about getting down and dirty! You are a secret
romantic and crave the perfect lover. Since the perfect lover
doesn't exist, you'll take what you can get! You are quite insecure
and need a partner who will adore you. You have strong passion
beneath that practical exterior and are just waiting for someone to
unearth it!

Virgo's have a VERY sexually sensitive tummy!! If you wanna
make them putty in your hands, stroke, lick and kiss their
stomach!! The area from the bellybutton DOWN! Once you have
them squirming, you can have anything you want!! Just
remember to keep one hand on their tummy at all times!!

September 24 - October 23
Ruling Planet: Venus

The planet in charge of beauty, love peace, and stirring
sensuality Libra is one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, but if
Libra can't get what they want from one lover, they will opt for
two! They are notorious for having double standards in that
situation too. They'll look you in the eye and say "never cheat on
me, cuz I would never do it to you", even when they have a hot night
of passion planned with someone else! Librans are more turned
on 'giving' than 'receiving'. They have a big heart and are the
selfish sign of the Zodiac.

Libras are not very open about their thoughts or fantasies. They'd
rather say nothing than tell the truth and offend or embarrass you.
In bed, it takes a while for them to be comfortable enough to tell
you exactly what they want.

As long as they are lying down, they're happy!

K.Y. Jelly. I will say no more!

The Libra man sees sex as an exciting adventure and he'd be
very keen to do it in kinky places like a restaurant toilet! He
likes being a bad boy if there's a chance he might get caught. He'll
try out any fantasy you have, but whether or not you can keep a
tight hold on his heart remains to be seen. However, he can be a bit
of a pushover, and is perfect husband material, and he'd prefer his
lover to take the lead. He is romantic and considerate but may
suffer from Premature Ejaculation!

The only thing that separates Libra men and women is what's
between their legs! Libra girl wants a strong man who
understands that she needs her individuality and freedom. She is
turned off by burping, farting, and bad breath.. Good personal
hygiene is crucial if you want to get to 2nd base. Librans are very
good at lying to get their own way. When your Libra girl groans in
bed, look into her eyes to make sure she's not 'faking it'.

Libra's Love Zone is their lower back and butt, so please,
squeeze and pat your Libra's butt whenever you get a chance.
When you're kissing, reach under his or her top and stroke the lower
part of their back, starting in the middle and working your way down
to their butt. Take your time and be gentle! To really drive your
Libra wild? Have you ever heard of the term 'Rimming'??? Does it
surprise you that a high percentage of Libras are gay?

October 24 - November 22
Ruling Planet: PLUTO

The Roman God of the dead, beginnings and endings. Which
basically means that Scorpios add novel differences to any
relationship. Scorpios are very possessive. They will tense up if
you even LOOK at another hottie across the room. But they can be
relied on to always be there for you if you need them. You may never
really know what your Scorpio is thinking though, because to them,
Knowledge is power and they are very good at putting on a straight
face to cover up any emotion they are feeling. Scorpios love sex.
The dirtier, the better. Get them excited by rvealing your filthiest
fantasy and offering to act it out.

Anything, as long as it involves dominating your ass.

Ben Wah Balls for the girls, and a Riding Crop for the boys

His sexuality is so strong, it will make you dizzy!! If you are
lucky enough to be with a Scorpio boy, you will always be
satisfied!! There's a rumour that the Scorpio man is the most
skilled in bed. It's as true as a black man has a giant wang!!! Most
are pretty good!! The only thing you don't wanna do is piss him off.
Every little thing u do that he doesn't like, he will file away in
his little mental rolodex. Piss him off one too many times, and he
will wreak his revenge!!!

She may look like a quiet, shy girl, but in bed she is NOT! She is a
wildly passionate woman, who is DYNAMO is the bedroom. Just don't
piss her off either, cuz she can more vengeful than a Scorpio man,
and she has no problem causing a scene! Don't talk about other
women, or play hard to get, because she will get you back, and it's
a game of one-upmanship you will never win.

Since this is one of the horniest signs, it makes sense that their
moan zone is between their legs! Then again, their big head (or
their mind) is just as easy to turn on. Talking dirty and teasing
your Scorpio will get them ready and randy in a flash!! Without
getting too graphic, the magic words for today are RUB, RUB, RUB.

November 23 - December 22
Ruling Planet: JUPITER

God of money, luck and good times between the sheets. Sagos are
playful, laid back and oh-so fun to party with. They are wild, and
may be the BADDEST party people you ever meet! One thing to be wary
of is that Sagos like to talk BULLSHIT! Don't believe everything
they tell you because they are kings at 'talking it up'. Sagos
probably make better friends than lovers, but if you happen to score
a one-nighter with them, be prepared to do stuff you've NEVER done
before! Sagos are spontaneous and adventurous and most have probably
been caught doing it somewhere public. When they find the right
lover, they will give it 100% as long as the commitment is returned.

They are up for anything. Quality AND Quantity.

Handwrite a sexual fantasy of yours and leave it on their pillow.
You'll be surprised at what happens next!

Even if he's fat, balding and middle aged, he can still pull the
chicks. It's his love and pursuit of happiness that draws the babes
to him. Think "Austin Powers" baby, yeah! He is a wee bit selfish
though, so be prepared for an "all about me" attitude in the sack.
He LOVES doing it, and if you start holding out on him, he's likely
to get it somewhere else. He will either amaze his partner with his
sexual expertise or be absolute trash in bed!

The Sago woman is a handful! She changes her mind more
often than she shaves her armpits, is blunt, oversensitive and takes
offense at the strangest things. She's adventurous in the bedroom
and also has no problems cheating if her needs are not fulfilled.
But can u handle her open-minded sexuality? She will hide her
emotions from you, but don't make the mistake of hiding yours from
her. She's looking for someone she can trust 100%, but is quite
hypocritical since she can be very untrustworthy herself.

Hips and thighs are extremely sensual for a Sago, so
concentrate on massaging and stroking that area and the place in
between! Don't be afraid to ask your Sago if you're doing it right
cuz they would LOVE to tell you! The best way to get them going is
to grope their inner thigh in a public place!

December 23 - January 20
Ruling Planet: SATURN

The God who oversees time, discipline and dedication, which
means Capricorn can go the distance - with major staying power - in
bed and beyond!! Capricorns are very good at hiding their emotions,
so it's often hard to tell when they are truly, deeply in love. If
you have a load of cash, you can almost bet on admiration from a
Capricorn because the goat is turned on by money. Like I said
before, Capricorn has great sexual stamina and the ability to go all
night if they want to!

Spooning! Goat boys and girls love to take, or be taken from

An office desk to "bond" on, or an erotic video will loosen up the
randy goat.

Imagination isn't a strong suit for Capricorn so don't expect
acrobatics in the sack. Sex with him could possibly be as boring as
watching paint dry and he tends to be a little bit selfish in that
area too. BUT you can definitely count on him to be faithful if he
has committed to you.

She is strong and confident and likes to run the show! She's a tough
nut to crack but once inside her shell, she's as sweet as caramel.
Her fave position may be missionary, but she seeks excitement in new
locations, so experiment with different venues to keep it

Capricorns are the most anal signs of the zodiac, so buttering them
up will take a bit of effort. Believe it or not, their erotic area
is the knees! Lightly stroke their legs, paying close attention to
the knee region. Licking, kissing, and nibbling the area will get
them squirming.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


I was lying in bed with Daniel on Wednesday when the phone rang, about 4:45 PM. I looked at the caller ID and this is what it said: SCAD. I had to answer it. The caller answered like this,"Hi Ms. (my name removed to protect), this is {} from Savannah College of Art and Design. I just wanted to congratulate you in case you haven't received your acceptance letter yet......" I don't remember much more about the call. The feeling of stupefied disbelief was just too much to bear. I just began to cry. My lifelong dream of attending SCAD had come true. How the hell I got accepted is beyond me. My college grades have been uneven at best. But now, here I am, accepted to one of the best art school in the nation and now paying for it is the only thing standing in my way.

Long long week

I have had a pretty eventful week. Daniel came down Wednesday and we did the whole Star Wars blitz: the midnight showing at the average Lexington Green cinema, and the 6:30 the next day showing at the stellar Hamburg Pavilion. The joy I have felt the past 5 days has been just overwhelming. This has been the longest period of time I have spent with one man for a long time. The fact that we didn't kill each other actually proves we have a future, a real one. He is very forgiving of my many shortcomings, and for that I am grateful. We went to the Rocker's party this weekend as well, and it was fun to see his reaction to wholesale nudity and depravity. Daniel is rather shy, and had some problems talking to some of the women there. I didn't play myself because he didn't. It would not have been fair. We spent today just making love and downloading stuff. Now is the time we will start to try to figure out how to merge our lives I think, especially since I got some pretty momentous news Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Open letter to Renee Zellweger (tongue in cheek)

Dear Stupid Cunt:
What the Hell are you thinking?!? For two years you had the most sublime example of the male gender on this planet, and you threw him away. For what: cornpone country cock. Jesus woman, I would kill and maim anything or anyone in my path for 5 MINUTES with Jack White, and you dropped him like a used tampon. He is everything that is brilliant and magical, and you didn't want him. So lets break this down: you dump Heaven, then date Damien Rice for about a nanosecond. Along comes Kenny Chesney, and you up and marry the guy after only 4 months. Hmmm three men in 8 months. Smells like desperation. Hearing that biological clock ticking are we dear? 36 and never been married kinda scare you?
But that's ok..go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts. Meanwhile, Ill be dialing Satan for a chance to heal Jacks heart, Bitch.

Monday, May 09, 2005


It is no big secret that White Stripes are the band that rock my world. I have had my knickers in a bunch for weeks waiting for the first song of the album to be released..and I wasn't disappointed. Rumor had it Jack had gone soft since going producer. Trust me he's just as fine as ever.

White Stripes - Blue Orchid

You got a reaction
You got a reaction didn't, you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

Something better than nothing
Something better than nothing, it's giving up
We all need to do something
Try keep the truth from showing up

How dare you
How old are you now, anyway?
How dare you
How old are you now, anyway?

You're given a flower
But I guess there's just no pleasing you
Your lips tastes sour
But you think that it's just me teasing you

You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway
Get behind me
Get behind me now, anyway

You got a reaction
You got a reaction, didn't you?
You took a white orchid
You took a white orchid turned it blue

Monday, May 02, 2005

Cool Band Alert!!

I got an IM from a member of the band Perigee (, a unit out of Connersville, IN. I went to the website to check them out, and I was quite impressed. They have three songs you can check out, my personal fave was "Happy". If you like original bands that rock, these guys are for you. I look forward to seeing them at The Dame this summer hopefully.

Career: Band / Ensemble
Genre: Rock, Top 40, Alternative
Repertoire: Original
Contact: (765) 821 - 2108
Website: n/a
Location: United States of America - IN - 47331

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Beltane and an "oh Shit" moment part I

Daniel came down to spend time with me on Friday night, so he could take me and the bar set up to another Prestonsburg swing party. Mr. Cool was having domestic problems, and wanted us to take the bar on ahead in case he couldn't make it (he ended up not making it). We ended up going to Yamamoto's for dinner, since he hadn't been to a Japanese steak house in a while. Even though my asthma was killing me and I kept coughing, it was a glorious meal. It had been so very very long since I had went out with someone I had so much pent up passion and affection for. He was attentive and affectionate and funny and tender. We then went over to Mr. Cool's and sat in his hot tub in the rain with a bottle of Asti Spumanti, one of the truest romantic moments I've ever had. The rest of the night consisted of lovemaking and downloading music from my personal collection. The next day we went to the party. I sat up the bar after a few hours and the party was on. I told myself I could not be selfish with him, and I told him he was free to play with others. So he did and I bartended. I didn't feel mad or deprived at all. I was actually pleased at my open mindedness. The party was awesome and the tips were good and friends were all around. I went to our cabin after I closed the bar after 1 am, and he came up there to make sure I was ok and to neck. I told him it was fine for him to go back to the party since I was so tired. He sounded guilty I wasn't playing too, but I reminded him of why I wasn't: I was on my period, and I only really wanted to play with him by my choice. So I talked with some of our cabin mates for an hour then went to bed.

The trouble started at 6 am. I woke up to realize my friend Antoine had passed out in bed beside me and was snoring my ears off. Not Daniel. I got up and went to the other empty bed. I felt achy from the fatigue and the asthma and allergies. Then I felt it: jealousy. I was disappointed he wasn't with me, but someone else. The OH Shit moment had arrived. I knew then I was falling in love with him. And there was nothing I could do to stop it even if I wanted to. So I cried, both for the fact that I had let myself become vunerable again, and out of guilt for feeling jealous...

Beltane and an "oh Shit" moment part II

I realized it was Beltaine, so I decided to do my ceremony to ask for guidance. It went something like this," Dearest Mother Aphrodite (my patroness), please guide me to see that I do not need to feel insecure about Daniel. Please help me to see that what we feel for each other is real, and is right and good to pursue. Please give me a sign as to where this I all going and how I should go further...". I then heard the front door of the cabin open, and two people entered. One was female and really drunk. Daniel walked in to see if there was an empty bed. There wasn't so he left her on the couch. He then came to bed and sounded so sorry he hadn't been there, but he was taking care of a friend who showed up after I had left and had gotten wasted. Then he held me tight, and told me his feelings were getting really really deep for me and did I feel the same. My response was that I was glad he said it because I wanted to say the same thing. We held each other, and it was like coming home, and like answered prayers.