Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cool new network site for artists.

The world famous Saatchi Gallery has a new section called Stuart ( especially for beginning, student, or under represented artists. Its essentially a MySpace for artists. The buzz is that artists are getting sales on this site that they normally wouldn't get so early in their careers. Since I have no illusions about my artistic ability, none of my stuff is there yet. It is, however , cool to look at the profiles and see what others are doing in the art world.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas post..What love really means: The Best

This was posted on Xmas eve by brainhell (
as a letter to his wife I assumed. He has ALS, and is deteriorating rapidly.

"You will probably feel a LOT of guilt over the circumstances of my death. This is because it is likely to seem like a preventable accident. I will probably suffocate somehow. And you will blame yourself for not being home, or not responding faster to that noise. I may even be trying to get to you, and might die in evident distress. Sure, suffocating scares me -- I'll be frightened. But unless you take a golf club to my head, know that I DON'T BLAME YOU. I do not want you feeling guilty over something that crept up on us so slowly. Listen to me: My death happened. The circumstances may have been desperate, but I'll know then as I know now: THERE'S NOTHING TO BLAME YOURSELF ABOUT. I lived much longer and much more happily because of you."

There are so many of his posts about his wife and how she takes very good care of him. Care giving is one of the most difficult and rewarding things you can do for a spouse. I had the privilege of being one once to John, and Goddess forbid, I would be one again in a heartbeat if Daniel ever needed me. Love at it's best is both selfless and appreciated. I dedicate this post to brainhell and his wife as a example on what love really is, and as a reflection of the love Christ meant us to feel, if you are a believer. This is the love Christmas is meant to bring out and reflect, I wish this to all people this day.

Xmas post..What love really means: The worst.

Christmas seems to bring out either the worst, or the best in all families. I've seen both this holiday weekend. As for the worst:

Daniel's mother is a very self-absorbed woman. Daniel had a small wreck in the truck last week, where the passenger window was broke. The weather wasn't so bad that we couldn't drive it locally, but to Hazard would have been a bit miserable, even though the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been. She has refused in the past to come visit here, and Daniel has had to be the one to make all the effort in their relationship. After 4 days of making excuses for not visiting ( my mom is here a lot, even though she lives 2 1/2 hours away), as of today Daniel has had enough of her. He told his mother today to never call again, he was tired of her loving him only when it was convenient to her. I cried when I was in the other room as I listened to the conversation, because as much as I want to mother his pain away, there is only one woman who can do that, and she refuses.

Monday, December 18, 2006


"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined, an advocate of medical marijuana use said in a study released on Monday. "

It took a national study to figure this out? And, big surprise, here are the top 5 grower states: California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington. Any person on the damn street, let alone people like my self who live in one of those states , could have told the policy makers this. My own mother sold pot to keep us clothed and fed when we were only getting a 400$/month welfare check growing up. Pot revenue is feeding a lot of people in Appalachia. If there was any other sort of industry here besides coal, this wouldn't be a necessity. At at $1,606 per pound for the grower, can you blame anybody for having some cannabis amongst the tomatoes and corn in the garden?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Running a Swing club

Ive been doing a bit of research about the running of on-site Swing clubs recently. As many people as we have in this area that swing, it would be the coolest to have an on site establishment here in Pikeville. The closest to here would be Knoxville, Columbus, or Lexington. West Virginia has no on-site premises. There are a few very private resorts, but you have to know someone to get there, and they tend to be expensive. A small place with a social room and a few playrooms, a jacuzzi room, a locker room/shower room would be ideal. maybe a BYOB area with mixers, and maybe lite finger food. it would only be open on weekends. its a cool dream.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Not much going on...

As you might have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. There has not been much happening in my world. It is winter, which means most of my time is fighting off illness. The fibro weakens my immune system, so the winters are a battle of one virus after another. The past 3 weeks has consisted of: 24 hr flu, laryngitis, and perpetual cough, and off and on low grade fever. There is no use going to the doctor, since there is nothing that can be done for viruses other than support stuff (liquids, rest, etc.), and I really don't need exposed to new stuff. We have a Rockers party New Years Eve weekend, and that plus holiday visiting will be the extent of my social life this month. I will be on the couch mostly.