Thursday, February 03, 2005

Want to play post card tag with a really cool guy?

Ben Blackwell is the owner of Cass Records in Detroit ( He's all of about 22-23 years old and probably has seen more in the music industry in 5 years than any of us will in a lifetime. He just started this really cool postcard trade, and wants participants. Besides me, I thought I'd plug it to stir up some more players:

"Trade Postcards:
Ben at Cass Records truly believes in the beauty of the American Postal System. Having used the system his entire life, his main focus at the time is the classic post card. So here's the fun part: write Ben a message/ransom note/marriage proposal on a post card and send it to Cass Records HQ (3424 Bishop, Detroit, MI 48224) and Ben will send you a post card back. It's like a really confusing game of tag! Remember, the cooler, older and weirder the post card, the better. And Ben will most likely reward awesome post cards with even awesomer ones. He even made up special Cass Records stamps for the occasion. And don't be afraid to alter or goof with the images on your post fact, we encourage it. Long live mail art!"