Sunday, February 13, 2005

A big thank you...

Kelly, thank you so much for your post about me, and for linking me on your site. You will never know the impact you had. Here is a copy of her post from her blog Dilettante's Diary (

"Sunday, February 13, 2005
When things go wrong
I've been following Zezrie's blog since about August. I've read of her residual pain after her husband's death a few years ago, her struggles with work, her art, her body, her sexuality. I've felt a lot of compassion and admiration for her, and today, more so than ever.

In January Zezrie was sexually assaulted by someone she knew well, someone she'd had sex with before... The things she says in some of her posts pluck something deep inside me, and that dark, dangerous rage starts to rise in me. MEN! But its not just men, women can violate people too, as Demming did me. Something in me wants to track him down and violate him. Something in me wants to visit upon him the law of consequences. I want Samuel Jackson's character from Pulp Fiction to pay him a visit. I want to tie him to the cell door of a Mississippi prison and let the men there call him bitch.

Sometimes I despair of there being any justice in the world, but I believe in balance. I believe that what we send out into the world comes back to us. Buck lost an eye in a car accident 3 years after he drugged me and raped me. It seems a fair trade. I hope the man who assaulted Zezrie is 'balanced' soon."

Thank you Kelly