Friday, February 04, 2005

Valentine's Massacre: Perfect Love Part 1

During my month long rant about love and sex and male/female interaction, I would like to stop and give credit where credit is due. This part is saved for the couples who actually made love look effortless, graceful, and sublime. Some are/were married, some aren't. The only criteria I'm using is quality of the love, not the length of marriage ( my grandparents have been married for almost 58 years with 11 children. They did their best to kill each other the first 45 of those years.). The first in this hall of fame of sorts: Johnny and June Carter Cash.
The Facts:They fell in love on tour in the early 60's. At one point June was the more famous of the two, from her days with the seminal country act The Carter Family. He proposed and the married in 1968. Their only child John Carter was born in 1970. They won Grammys together and apart. Their love was the inspiration for such classics as "Ring of Fire" and "If I were a Carpenter".
Why they are in this hall of fame? These two came together as two forces of nature and combined to form an equally hellacious partnership. They had their own careers, but it never seemed to interfere with the nucleus of who they were. June helped Johnny kick his addictions that plagued him for years. It breaks down to this: The met and married in a whirlwind. The had a rock solid, intense, passionate relationship of 35 years plus. The most important, tragic as well as romantic point: they died within 4 months of each other. They completed each other, and death was not an long obstacle to that fact. Thank you both for your inspiration.