Wednesday, February 02, 2005


This is a warning to all of you who think Valentines Day is this sweet, warm and fuzzy holiday that you an your honey-bunny can snuggle to and be smoochy-woochy. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Valentines Day has always been the most hated of the holidays for me, with Xmas and New Years scoring a close second and third. There is no other holiday that can make a normal person feel humiliated, small and worthless. Even when I was married, Valentines Day would suck: one of us had to work, we were fighting or traveling or he was sick. Thus, I have taken a sacred oath to use this month in my blog to dissect why we as a human race have to humiliate ourselves with this day, with love in general, and why love is even pertinent in today's world. I also will address different kinds of love: gay, straight, bi, animal, vegetable, and mineral. Sex, which is also so intertwined with love, will also be explored in great length. Basically, this will be my opportunity to bitch to high heaven about shit that stems to not getting any valentines in kindergarten. My first bitch: Social Pressure.
Why the hell is it that single people are treated like shit on Valentines Day? One would think logically this would be the time to help singles out by helping to pair them up. NOOOO, this is a time where subtle humiliation us heaped upon those with no dates or relationships this time of year. How does one feel like when they get no offers for dates, flowers, candy, gifts? Like a worthless subhuman that's ugly, socially inferior, and humiliated. The media and Madison Ave. Advertising are all in on it. The commercials, the shows, all meant to render the single person to dorkdom. Right now, because of fate, circumstance, or happenstance. I am single. Happily. But to this very day when I see the Valentines stuff I feel like crap because I buy into the " Nobody finds me lovable enough to buy me crap, thus I'm not worthy of love". Yes, even though I consider myself fairly savvy, the programming is buried deep. To combat this, I'm including all valentines-related paraphenalia in to the category of our President: I will just start swearing and throwing things at the very sight of such disgust.