Friday, August 27, 2004


Dan rang the bell on my back door. I go down, thinking it was a neighbor, and I didn't see him behind the door. I open it, he brushes past me. My apartment door is open so he walks in, walks to my desk and proceeds to unhook the tower and walk out the apartment with it. Thus, I no longer have a computer. It was punishment, you see. I hadn't talked to him in 16 days. He emailed me at work, saying it was a pity for our friendship to end this way. I proceeded to tell him what I have blogged..I need someone who will have enough respect for me to tell me if he wants others, and not treat me like second best. Then I told him we would still be friends, but never again lovers. That probably was what set him off. So, I have no computer and no recourse to get it back. I am at work now, having to change my passwords. I had hoped we could be adults about this, but apparently not. I will try to blog as much as I can till I figure out a way to replace the one that'ss gone.


Clint said...

That's horrible. I'm sorry to hear this ... I always find it difficult to understand how people can be so cruel. I'll be online for a little while tonight. If you're still out there and you're interested in talking, drop me an email. (Hotmail's been giving me fits lately, so I'm using my new gmail account ... vulpalasar (at) gmail dot com).