Friday, August 20, 2004

A long line of ditz.

I looked out the window at work and saw a long line of shapes dressed in white, covered in umbrellas. It took me a few minutes to remember today was pledge day for the sororities. So there they all were walking across campus in a herd, all fake tans and suicide blonde, in their little white dresses. LOL I have no idea why it bugged me so much. Jealousy probably. I never had it so easy at that age to do such things as frothy as pledging. These girls were beautiful, if artificially so, with money and prospects and opportunities I had no access to at their age. There was no individuality in this group, just a snaking line of white. So I suppose I was lucky. I earned my wisdom and sexiness with hard knock experience. I am not unattractive at 33; I've been told I don't look my age. It is probably the seclusion wearing on my nerves. I know I will never be young again. So I suppose it comes down to the classic adage that age and treachery overcomes youth and skill. And I like the part about being in the former group....