Wednesday, August 11, 2004


What is it about humans that makes us feel the need to project onto another person? We can't seem to be able to accept each other as we are: we just see what we think we want to see from another person. If we can't change each other, we just project what we think is perfect and never see the real soul. jack talked about this the other night in meditation. If you could use all that energy, energy that people waste on making their lovers an idealized fantasy rather than the real person, nothing could stop us. Many could argue that I do this with jack, seeing that I probably will never meet the real person. My meditations with him are different. Instead of wasting energy in the projection of what I think he is, I absorb the energy raised by how he makes me feel during the interaction. Who knows, maybe the real Jack feels the energy and doesn't know where it comes from. The astral jack makes me feel safe and special and it does no harm in my mind and heart. When my day overloads, and I don't think I can see another grad student or check one more dissertation , all I have to do is go into alpha and my astral jack is there to guide me through it. In some ways I think he does use my energy. He is welcome to it.


Clint said...

I find it interesting that you were posting this as I was commenting on your last post.

I think most humans find themselves too easily trapped within their own minds, unable to transcend the barriers between their souls and the souls of others. Because of this, we have little choice but to act as if other minds function exactly as our minds function. We know no other spectrum through which to filter the universe than that offered by our own senses. We don't have the ability to imagine that other people's sense might function differently, that they might see red where we see green. This is a limitation of the physical form. Most of us will never be able to escape this limitation ... even if we acknowledge it and work to get past it.

Let me know if you're not looking for rambling comments. :-)