Saturday, August 28, 2004

Melted crayon soup (A thought on SARK) .....

I was reading SARK today, and it made me realize how simple yet complex art can be. Some dismiss her as being annoyingly upbeat and positive. Yet in our very jaded and cynical world, I wish there were more like her. She is vivid and alive and very much imperfect. Dammit, I am sick of living in the real world most times. I love escapism. There is not enough whimsy, silliness, encouragement, and bright colors. SARK embraces the glorious, imperfect parts of women/artists and makes it safe to be both. She covers everything from birth to love to death and beyond death, fearlessly. She also has shared her demons, family and relationship. Art does not have to be a matter of slitting a wrist for blood to paint or write with. The view of art is torture is obsolete: technology takes some of the pain out of the creative process. And yet, SARK's books are wonderfully low tech, appearing to be hand made to give to a friend. The point I am making is this: art should be joyous and playful, as well as intimate and deep. SARK satisfies a need in me to hear that it is ok to be scared, or uninspired, or just plain stumped. There is an encouragement to it. I drink her works up like a melted crayon soup: warm and nourishing and fun to swoosh around.