Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My artistic reawakening

My first session of my sculpture class was tonight. The class is small, only 10 people, whereas the other sections have over 30 people each. The professor has taught and exhibited overseas and nationally, and I am impressed with his viewpoint. The goal of the class, he says, is to make us feel like professional artists instead of students, so much so he says that the 4 projects we are to do will be a high enough quality to be sale worthy. That, and the fact that there will be sketching, add to the intimidation factor. I got a C in my first drawing class ( the professor was a bitch), I have not had enough life drawing practice in years. I am thinking about going to the open life drawing studios held on Sundays at the art school, 5 bucks and I can draw for hours. We have to draw our ideas to flesh them out, and I have an inferiority complex on my drawing. You can paint well and not be able to draw a straight line. So the challenge to my preconceived artistic notions will be a wonderful experience. It also is an 8 hour a week class, so I will be forced to work art back into my daily life, WOOHOO!! All art is done by discipline as well as skill. This will be an expensive growing experience, but it will be well worth the expense.