Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Way too uncommon and interesting medical condition LOL

I was talking to my friend Todd last night, and the discussion of an interesting phenomenon came up. It seems that all the white males over 6'2 that are skinny suffer from the same thing...SKINNY WHITE BOY SYNDROME. The main thing that sets these types of men apart is..Well..An inordinately large member. Now the really tall thin guys I've dated have had this condition, all of them (probably why I tend to end up with them even though I'm 5'4). This was all news to Todd, who incidentally is about 6'5, white, and rail thin. And no, I did not ask for proof, didn't have to. So, to see if this was the rule and not the exception, I got online and IMed some of my female friends. Sure enough, all the skinny tall white guys they have dated tend to be packing heat, in a good way. Here is a caveat: just because they are blessed in size does not necessarily mean they know what to do with it...Use the mental image if a battering ram, and you will get the picture.
So, for all you women who see tall skinny white guys as as awkward, geeky, and not appealing..WAIT! The likelyhood of them having a secret surprise is great..Give them a chance! (this in no way was scientifically proven..But if any women out there want to testify to this syndrome..Email me..)