Sunday, October 24, 2004

Speaking of Coincidences

Speaking of strange goings on, I had a few coincidences of my own today. Went window shopping on Woodland today, with my cross stitch ( I thought there was a embroidery store in the Woodland corridor, I don't know why.). On the way up I saw Fred. Fred is a local musician, and former coworker of mine that I drove nuts during my grieving period (poor guy). I waved and walked on-he doesn't talk much with me anymore, for good reason (lol). Then, I headed to Common Grounds, the local coffee kasbah. I found out by going there last weekend for the first time in ages that the hot artsy guys congregate there. Thus, I sat my happy ass down with my Plantation blend cuppa joe and my Witchy pic to finish up. People watched a bit as I sat there, seeing plenty of the sexy deep artistic looking men I'm apt to lust over. Took note I needed to go back on Sunday, and loaded back to the Cave ( my attic apartment, henceforth known as...) in the rain. I saw a flyer for a political get together at Mecca from 6-9pm, so after being counselor for my friend Todd on the phone, I sauntered out, in the rain.
Got to Mecca at 7:00 ish. Who should be working the door but a guy I saw at Grounds earlier. I remembered him because he had the nerve to go to this flimsy looking little blonde thing in front of me, sit down and commence flirting. I was amused and impressed at his audacity. Went though the liberal political carnival, playing such games as Bust the war balloon, find the bullshit darts and putting toy soldiers into a put-put golf Iraq..You get the picture. Left about 8 after winning some nifty anti Bush stuff for the Office. I decided to head down main street to see if the Lexington Arts Center was still open. Since Alfalfa's has gotten there it has had plenty of business. I got there, marveled and ate my heart out at all the paintings there that weren't mine, and talked to Lexie, who I used to be in a Sculpture class with. As I was heading out the door, and getting ready to Jwalk across to Phoenix park, I heard some guy shout HEY. I swung around to see one of the patron's answering his cell, then I glanced behind him. Sure enough, there stood Fred, smoking. Apparently he had a gig at Alfalfa's tonight, he plays there a lot.
So, I head home in a wet and pensive mood. I saw two guys at two different places, one I know well, one was a stranger. Since seeing I Heart Huckabees I've been pondering coincidences. Is it just a quirk that I see Fred twice in one day? He does live half a block away from my house and I rarely see him. That at one places I see a guy and kinds wistfully wished he was coming on to me, then get to talk to him a little longer somewhere else? Does this mean I just crazy, which is entirely possible. The cranky, pessimistic side thinks that the Lexington arts scene is just way too damn small and I am apt to see people over and over. But this is the first time I have ever seen two people twice in one day by accident. Sigh...Am I so desperate for magic that I'm looking for it where its not? Or should I just quit de boning it, take another puff off the happy hay, and trust My Lady Goddess Hecate's will? Hmm choice two looks like a plan.....