Saturday, October 02, 2004

Who let the rednecks

A silent message went out amongst the mountains and plains of Kentucky. A great gathering was to be held in Lexington, and all of their kind were to assemble in festivity and beer. Kid Rock was coming to town, the redneck Messiah, and every holler in East Kentucky emptied out to come see him.
Yeah, I was there too. I call it communing with my inner redneck, the same feeling I get when I watch NASCAR and hear Lynard Skynard. I grew up amongst hicks, and even though I don't like to be grouped with them, I still understand them. They are my people. So, I was there last night in my filmy black short dress and sandals, ready to go. I got to the civic center and I was surrounded by biker chick wannabes in faded denim and tank tops. They were checking for weapons at the door, but not cigarettes (Lexington has a smoking ban), and security spent the rest of the show telling people to put the smokes out. Hemigod, a Detroit unit, opened up. They were nothing ground breaking, but they were soundly schooled in old blues rock. They did a cover of "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath that rocked.
Then the Kid came out with the Twisted Brown Trucker band. And for a skinny white boy from Michigan, he delivered the goods. He mixed riffs and sections from old classics, from Lynard Skynard to Alman Brothers, even the Dukes of Hazard theme into his original songs. There were 4 strippers, two on each side of the stage, adding something else for the guys to look at. The show was reminiscent of old 70's and 80's blowouts with lights and fireworks. There was a section where they used flaming gas torches where you could actually feel the flashes of heat.
The best part was where the Kid took turns plating all the instruments, including the turntable. The show was a success: Kid Rock was playing to his kind of crowd, and his disciples loved him.