Thursday, October 28, 2004

Running for cover

Ok, so there weren't any major acts of the almighty during the Red Sox win, the win was enough. Speaking of unlikely people feeling like a champion, I finally did a 5-1-5 today. To define, I ran 5 minutes/1 minute walk/ran 5 minutes. 5 minute warm up walk/5 minute cool down walk. Before I hear any crap from a marathoner who just stumbled over this, listen: this time last year I was 300 pounds. I was always out of breath, even though I walked everywhere. Now I'm roughly 200. 5/1/5 means I'm at the point where I will be running more than I walk. This goal has been with me since I met Scott in 1991. He was about 5'8, 135, and the first marathoner I had ever met. I thought he was a lunatic. Then I saw him eat...And eat...And eat. He consumed, we counted, 10,000 calories a day. That was what convinced me. And yet, through, the years I never found the courage, till now, to try. I saw what the human body could endure through John. Now I look down at my legs and see calf muscles. I can run up Rose St. Hill from High to Maxwell with no stopping. I can climb stairs, I can wear a size I haven't worn in 17 years. I had a 19 yr old tell me I looked 24 the other day to my face, seriously. I feel beautiful and sexy. Getting rid of the rest of it will be the challenge, but I'm up to it. I can see myself doing a marathon. I can see me wearing a size 6 ( my sick goal). These things are close for me. It feel damn good.