Sunday, October 31, 2004

Rewards: Z as sex goddess?

I went to the first party I've been to in along while last night. I was treated like I was beautiful, intelligent and seductive. I actually believed it. I am sitting at home now with an afterglow. Many firsts last night: first time naked in front of 7 people of mixed genders in a hot tub. I had my first threesome, mFF, and it was very very cool. And I fufilled a mans fantasy this morning, on tape. I really haven't felt this sexy, well, ever.
This whole weight loss thing has me topsy turvy. I really don't know who the hell I am anymore, especially when I'm out of my normal social circle. People I see everyday do not react like these people at the party did. lol familiarity breeds boredom. My confidence is much better. I always envied these women who seemed irresistible to men. I have never ever been that way. If its going this well now...Wonder what will happen when I hit 150?


Clint said...

Hmmm ... busy evening. I can't say I've ever had an evening quite that entertaining. :-) I'm glad to see things are looking up.