Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Saturday night.

Well, so far the whole experiment with no meds, to explore my true psyche in relation to quantum mechanics, has been mixed. I sat most of yesterday in front of the computer trying to decide what to do last night. I am tired of being alone, and yet I have to force myself to be around people. I found my friend Ron online, who said he was DJing at 141 Club, on of the local gay bars. I figured I go out and see him spin and see the people. I started getting ready at 10, even wore the little black dress that looks better and better on me the more I wear it. I got to 141 at 11ish, after walking around the block to get the courage to go in...This is a new thing. Normally I'm not shy about going into a club; I'm assigning this to no meds. I found Ron eventually, and smoked a bowl with him before I went to go see John Doe at the Dame, in my ignorance I though he was a band..He was just another DJ. I did get to see the last 10 minutes of Goose Creek Symphony, the band I should have paid 15 bucks to see the whole show. I stayed at the Dame for almost an hour, not being impressed with John Doe, but liking the white people dancing. Then I went back to 141 to talk to Ron, who had finished their set. I had imbibed on about three Fuzzy Navels and a bowl of homegrown. I was feeling no pain. I was trying to talk to Ron, and he wasn't that responsive, even pulling away from me when I touched his leg accidentally. Oh well. I went home at 1 am. The started talking to Keith online, a guy I was interested in. We set up a date for today, and he stood me up.
Sigh. So for the experiment on making my social life spin..It was a failure.