Monday, October 25, 2004

I might know the answer to my problem...

I had a realization just now, not an epiphany exactly, but a possible reason for my problems. During my married life I moved 4 times, big moves. These kind of moves involved selling all our stiff except three bags each and going. This happened approximately every two years. It has now been two years since I moved back here with John. Thus, maybe it is time for a move. The question is first, where? I have lived all over the place just about. There are a few places Id like to try. New Orleans would be wonderful. Taos, New Mexico is another consideration, beautiful and spiritual.
There are criteria for this move. The place has to be spiritual in some way. It has to be big enough for nightlife. It has to have a thriving arts scene. Detroit fills two of the requirements..Spiritual is debatable. Warm it is not either, and that's another consideration. I thought about Key West or Savannah again..That's also an idea. Whether I would be happy there, since I have a history there, is a question. But, they would be different cities now. This will be my big ponderance the next little while.


Robin said...

If I could choose any destination, I would head west ... Colorado, somewhere along the I-70 corridaor. Or perhaps northern Arizona. Or, as you mentioned, New Mexico. New Orleans scares me ... humidity issues.

I would try something completely new, though, someplace I hadn't lived before. Perhaps the northeast ... Maine, maybe. Portland has always struck me as a spiritual place.