Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The beginning of Samhain week..The year in review..

First, I would like to define Samhain for those not of the faith. Samhain (pronounced Sowain) is the beginning of the wheel of the year for those in the pagan and witch communities. Happy new year to us! It is a time where we remember those who have gone on, and what we want to accomplish in the new year. This is considered the most sacred day in the pagan and witch year. Since joy is supposed to be tied in with all our holidays, I think Halloween is a hoot. It is my favorite time of the year. I especially get a kick out of all the people who dress as witches, seeing their faces when I tell them I'm a real one. I revel in all the good scary stuff on TV, especially witch documentaries. Its out one chance to dispel the misinformation about our faith. The cream of the witch crop get out and try their best with the time they have to make people understand we don't eat Christian babies. To Laurie Cabot, Selena Fox, Silver RavenWolf, Starhawk (my girl!!) Phyllis Corot, I salute you sisters...Blessed BE!!!!
Last year at this time I was 100 lbs heavier, in a dead end section of U of KY, and not back in school. I asked for all three to be changed, I got all three done. The Mother blessed me and I am grateful, so grateful. The love life section wasn't the hottest, but hey. I was happy with Dan for a while, till the old patterns resurfaced. So, I must come up with three things I want for next year...hmmmmm.

ONE: To make huge progress in my art. I want to be working on and close to being ready for a gallery show by this time next year with my paintings. I want to be approaching the ability to support myself with my art.

TWO: To get the rest of the weight off. I am between 200 and 228 (which ever doctors office scale you believe), I claim 200. I want to be 130. 70 lbs to go. I want to be training for something larger than a 5k, either a 10k or even a half marathon. I want to be healthy, and damnit, look really hot. I'm craven enough to admit it.

THREE: The third choice is usually something whimsical or simply out of reach in my view. Last year it was getting back to school. This year I am asking for something I consider insane. I want to find and meet jack. I want to find out the truth about what he is exactly. Is he an astral projection of a real person that he looks like, or is he a spirit using an appearance of someone I am insane about to help me without freaking me out. I want to find out once and for all, meeting the real person and seeing if he is aware of all this ( or he will send me to jail or a mental hospital LOL if he's freaked enough).

That is my manifesto for the upcoming year. Let's see if it works.