Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Z's adventures in birth control

Now a lot of men will probably not relate to this next section. It is a known fact that all birth control methods are not for everyone. But what happens when NONE of them work for you? I am one such woman.
The problem is this: I have depression related to hormones. My PMS mood swings have made Sybil look well adjusted. Add birth control related hormones on top of that and you have a bezerker. I'm maxed out on Wellbutrin, and I'm still getting mood swings from the hormones. Now, this being said, I decided to try Nuva Ring. It looks like a plastic ring that you insert and leave in for three weeks, then take out. So this is my last shot at hormone based birth control. I slipped it in and didn't feel it...Until the rash developed. Then depression reared its ugly head again. So the past week I have been trying to work, run and get through the anniversary of my husbands death, all the while trying to fight the urge to kill and scratch my crotch at the same time. Ever tried running either with an angry itch, or alternatively, slipping and sliding on itch cream? That made the 5k a unique experience, and a surprise I did so well considering. So, it is Tuesday and the swelling is still there, the depression is worse. So I had to remove the nuva ring......
My friends, this is a procedure I will spare you the details of. Let me give you an illustration: ever watch nature shows where some vet has to cover his whole arm with a sleeve to insert it up to the shoulder in some poor cows birth canal? It is a similar feeling, or at least it seemed so. But the confounded thing is out. Now I get the joy of another period two weeks after the last one, and am once again in the lurch with BC...Not that I'm covered over in offers where birth control would be needed lol. But at least now I can run without having one hand down my running shorts, causing a public (or pubic) disturbance....