Saturday, September 25, 2004


I just got back from seeing the latest John Water's flick A Dirty Shame. If you are prudish, please do us all a favor and either see this movie to be cured, or do not read further. The fact that a John Water's flick got a NC17 rating surprised me, until tonight. This is Water's raunchiest, filthiest, funniest movie in years people. It tells the story of Sylvia (Tracy Ullman), a completely frigid housewife in Baltimore (its a Water's flick..Go figure on Baltimore). She gets a head injury from a passing lawn mower handle and her life changes for the horny better. Basically she goes completely horn dog beserk. This movie is no where near subtle, and the concept of innuendo does not exist. The imagery is blantant and obvious, genital trees and all. That said, this movie was hilarious. If you are a fan of movies such as Porky's or Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, this is your movie. John Water's casting is always central to the success of his pictures; sometimes its downright bizarre. Chris Isaak plays Vaughn, Sylvia's long suffering husband. Selma Blair is Caprice, or otherwise known as Ursula Udders ( if you have seen any adds for this movie you will understand), their daughter under house arrest for public indecency. Finally, Johnny Knoxville, of Jackass fame, as Ray Ray, the mechanic/leader of the sex addicts of the neighborhood. The cameos are what Water's is best known for, look for David Hasselhoff, Ricky Lake, and Patricia Hearst. Hearst has been in 5 of Water's films now, and she gets stranger in each additional one. The Baltimore neighborhood of Hartford Road is a real neighborhood, and used for the first time in a Water's flick. John Water's does so much research for his films: all the fetishes the sex addicts have really do exist. My favorite was the Bears (large hairy sub culture for gay men for those who don't know).
What I think made this movie great is not only the over the top sex. John Water's is fearless. For him to make this kind of movie in today's political climate takes balls. The audience was still laughing as the credits rolled. If that doesn't testify to the humor of a movie I don't know what will. It is currently showing at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, KY. Get the courage up to go see it..I dare you.