Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Have an emotional crisis..Improve your running!

It was inevitable. The meds have quit working. Finis. I have cried off and on all day. Finally got to the doctors to get an Effexor sample month to see if the damn shit even worked. No dice, I have to pay for a prescription, with three bucks to my name till Friday. So a long, exhausting week looms in front of me. I cried, the heaving, sobbing kind of crying, all the way up Rose St. To home. Sat and sobbed and felt my mind race. I decided to call Dan. He took pity I suppose and offered to pay my copay. I was so miserable I accepted. I had to go run. HAD TO. I ran what seemed like Mt. Everest on Saturday (see earlier post), and took two days off. So I got my snivelling ass out the door. Sniffled and shuffled up the street for warm up. Then I had an epiphany: let me see if I can out run the crying, just leave it behind. So at the end of my warm up I tore up Maxwell St. I decided I would see how long I could run in one stretch. As I got around Woodland to High Street I looked down at the watch: two minutes. I walked a minute so I didn't injure, then did it again. By the time I had gotten to 16 minutes, I had ran 4/2 minute circuits...A record. I took pity on my knees and stopped to cool down. I had put all that emotional pain into my body and made it MOVE. Damn I would nuke my 5k personal best if I was a basket case every race. I am now exhausted, but finally calm. This net month is going to be Bedlam as I change over the meds. Trust me you will hear all about it.