Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wiring Problems

I never thought I would paraphrase him, but here it goes:
Women and men are wired like cars.
The problem is,
women are wired like English sports cars,
men are wired like Ford Broncos.
Adam Corolla

I think my wiring is coming loose. The least thing throws me out of kilter these days. The hard cold truth has arrived: I need to change my depression meds, and this SUCKS. I am shaky and unsteady on my feet. I'm ready to cry at the slightest sweet toilet paper commercial on TV. Patience? Please, it was gone weeks ago. Now here comes the general wiring question: is all this turmoil coming from just fighting my personal mental illness, or is it just the way women are? Women seem to get tossed of kilter so much easier than men, starting in childhood. You pull the wrong wire loose, and we are screwy for life. Men don't seem to be this way. They get kicked and gouged by life, and just go on without a scratch. Is it a blessing of testosterone, on ambivilance?
Are they emotionally wired to do this, or culturally brought up not to care?
I feel like I might be stereotyping a bit: women are (supposedly) fragile, and men are (supposedly) tough. Yet men seem to go through childhood traumas without lasting damage. Women tend to be basket cases, and I am speaking from personal experience and observation here. Could women learn this emotional survival instinct? Or does it all break down to the old argument of nature versus nurture? I have seen men repeat patterns from childhood, but it doesn't seem to cause the life chaos that it does for women.
Or does it boil down to this: should we be taking better maintenance on the British sports cars, or encourage sophisticated wiring in the Ford Broncos?