Sunday, September 19, 2004

A bad football game and a sore ass don't mix

I went to Richmond, KY for the weekend for some family bonding and the Eastern Kentucky/Western Kentucky football game/bloodbath. Got up Saturday morning to go for a rare morning run, in the country no less. My mom and stepdad live in the wilds of Waco, KY. I was going to run the main road-too many dogs and cars. So I headed to this (I thought) little, safe, backroad. This road ended up kicking my ass; it had a 35% climb in some spots. Thus, my ass muscles are very sore, and it took nothing sexual to get them that way. Later that night, I was at the battle of the Bluegrass, EKU vs WKU. It was no coincidence that EKU's ass was hurting after that game as well. They got it kicked. Badly. 21-8. We left before EKU even got a touchdown in the Fourth Quarter. Lots of sloppy passing, lots of interceptions. Nuff said.
My visits with the parental units are normally range from emotionally traumatic to just exhausting. This one was pleasant, fun, and non threatening. For the first time in many moons, I enjoyed time with the folks.