Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bright memories

I got up 9 years ago today and had flowers waiting for me by the bedside. He had gotten up to fix breakfast. All the food for that night was sitting around the kitchen. We both went out for our normal day: he to work, me to school. We both got back around 4:30, and started packing up the car. Got that done, then got dressed. He was in a white shirt and black jeans, I was in a long black velvet dress, with my hair up. We got to Woodland Park and started setting up the table for the food and gifts. Everyone brought food. We helped Tina, the priestess, set up the altar. We all gathered, about 20 of us, in a circle. He and I joined hands. We pledged that, for a year and a day, we would live as man and wife. We would then gather again and either separate, or pledge our lives together forever. Tina bound our hands together. We ran toward the end of the circle, and leapt over the broom, without unclasping our hands. It was done. We then ate and celebrated, inviting some of the local hippy kids to join our meal (they had stood there to watch). It had been a glorious day, really too warm for my dress. My friend Morgan made a picture album, that she said she would give to us later.
A year and a day later, we were on the beach in Tybee Island, GA. Alone except for seagulls. We pledged forever. And at that moment forever seemed possible.
PS Morgan gave me that album, almost 7 years after the ceremony, the day after he died.