Monday, October 23, 2006

No more worries about oil paint...for another month

Well after 7 days of no period, we finally got a 4$ pregnancy test (negative). I started my period later in the day, yesterday. For the past week I haven't touched my oil paints, because I was worried about using turpenoid, and I don't have enough water soluble oils to do the job. Today I feel sick and crampy (sick from this weekend, apparently Daniel and I both caught a bug from the relations), and overly sensitive-cranky, like most menstruating women tend to be. I'm pissed off and relieved, at the same time, I'm not pregnant, which annoys the fuck out of me. I miss Daniel terribly, and he's only been gone not more than an hour. I'm unreasonably put out that Daniel told the new playmate she could sleep over most of the week if she wanted to. I KNOW nothing serious was meant by it, but hormonal women are rarely rational. We also didn't get to spend a lot of time together this weekend for one reason or another. So I'm just kinda feeling miserable, lonely, and grumbling to myself. Thanks for listening.