Friday, March 30, 2007

Red Tape Rodeo..yeehaw!

My husband Daniel had a very colorful misspent youth. While he was in the Navy, he met his first wife N (or cunt, as I like to call her). She was (and still is, we aren't sure) a heroin addict. So, in able to try to "understand her better" Daniel let her shoot him up the first time. The rest you can guess. He descended into a hellish addiction to both coke and heroin that took him years to beat and cost him his military career, and damn near his life.

He was released from the Navy with a Bad Conduct discharge (he served 4 years, got an honorable discharge, then reenlisted) because of it. Daniel has been clean 8 years. Besides a speeding ticket, he hasn't been in trouble since. He has decided he wants to try to get the discharged changed to Honorable so he can go back into the Navy before he's too old. We have until November, his 35th birthday, to get it done, or he just goes into the Navy Reserves. So, we have begun the red tape rigmarole to get it changed. We are trying to get all the paperwork sent to DC by Good Friday, April 7. Since the website said it would take up to 6 months to do it, we hope at the latest there will be a decision by by October, that will give him time to reenlist if we can get it changed.

What do I think about all of this? Well, seeing that no less than 14 Navy Corpsman have died in Iraq since it all began has me justifiably uneasy ( Daniel was a Navy corpsman with the Marines). But this is not about me, its about him. He wants to make things right, and finish his duty honorably. And what does one do when they see their soul mate wanting something more than life itself? You help them get it.