Friday, March 23, 2007

Offensive ongoing series..

"I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally." W.C Fields

I have decided to try to annoy someone with my opinions today, and every Friday. Why? Because no one ever leaves comments here, and I'm lonely :P

So here are a few of my beliefs that probably will hopefully cause some comments here.

*Abortion should be a constitutional right to all women over the age of 16, no exceptions. If the age of consent is 16, so should be the age of women for abortions. If you are old enough to screw legally, you are old enough for an abortion.

*The Patriot Act is the biggest abuse of Constitutional rights in the history of this country. Everyone acted so shocked that the FBI abused it. Give the government an inch in infringing on Constitutional rights, they will always take a mile.

And my last comment...hehehehehe....

*Fundamentalist Christianity is the biggest blight in this country. I have news for you right wing christians, OTHER RELIGIONS EXIST. I know you have a hard time swallowing that bit of news, but get used to it. Just because you hold high positions does not mean you have the right to tell me who to marry, when to drink, and how to control my body. And by the way, the bible is a work of fiction written by people for people. You'd get the same outcome if you took the Kama Sutra literally, and have more fun.

Ah...I feel better......


Anonymous said...

Can't help but agree- you didn't annoy me anyway-

Tabitha said...

Ah a like mind...I"M NOT ALONE WOO HOO !!!!!