Wednesday, March 28, 2007

John and Elizabeth Edwards

I really didn't want to say anything just yet about the John and Elizabeth Edwards thing, but I've been seeing, once again, a lot of crap in the media. So, I'm putting my two cents worth in once again...

For those of you who haven't heard about this, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards, has inoperable breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She is terminal and most likely has a finite amount of time. She and her husband have decided to keep the campaign going, instead of stopping for her illness. Now, some in the media are raising hell about this. My comment: Fuck Off.

This woman is going to die of cancer. Keeping busy on the campaign trail is the best thing for her. Her mind will be kept off her pain. What do people expect her to do, sit at home, draw the shades and sing bible songs ( thanks Joe Rogan) until she dies? The woman is a fighter. After seeing someone fight cancer for 2 years tooth and nail (my late husband), I respect that more than going home to die. If she is able to keep up the rigors that come from campaigning, and her quality of life doesn't suffer, more power to her. Yes, they do have younger kids. But how whould you want your children to remember you? I'll, or vital as long as possible. Don't judge!!


Lin said...

You're absolutely right.

When I was going through treatment for a brain tumor, folks asked me why I didn't rest, quit work and just stay in bed. To which I replied, "Are you bloody kidding ? I've got 3 young kids and a business to run !"

Carrying on as normal was my best option. Not only did it keep my mind off cancer, but it also was the best way to fight this damn disease. There's no way I was gonna let this thing defeat me. I imagine Mrs Edwards feels the same way

Tabitha said...

If I had made my late husband do that he would have killed me. He did as much as he could, all the way to the end.