Sunday, May 22, 2005

Long long week

I have had a pretty eventful week. Daniel came down Wednesday and we did the whole Star Wars blitz: the midnight showing at the average Lexington Green cinema, and the 6:30 the next day showing at the stellar Hamburg Pavilion. The joy I have felt the past 5 days has been just overwhelming. This has been the longest period of time I have spent with one man for a long time. The fact that we didn't kill each other actually proves we have a future, a real one. He is very forgiving of my many shortcomings, and for that I am grateful. We went to the Rocker's party this weekend as well, and it was fun to see his reaction to wholesale nudity and depravity. Daniel is rather shy, and had some problems talking to some of the women there. I didn't play myself because he didn't. It would not have been fair. We spent today just making love and downloading stuff. Now is the time we will start to try to figure out how to merge our lives I think, especially since I got some pretty momentous news Wednesday.