Sunday, May 01, 2005

Beltane and an "oh Shit" moment part II

I realized it was Beltaine, so I decided to do my ceremony to ask for guidance. It went something like this," Dearest Mother Aphrodite (my patroness), please guide me to see that I do not need to feel insecure about Daniel. Please help me to see that what we feel for each other is real, and is right and good to pursue. Please give me a sign as to where this I all going and how I should go further...". I then heard the front door of the cabin open, and two people entered. One was female and really drunk. Daniel walked in to see if there was an empty bed. There wasn't so he left her on the couch. He then came to bed and sounded so sorry he hadn't been there, but he was taking care of a friend who showed up after I had left and had gotten wasted. Then he held me tight, and told me his feelings were getting really really deep for me and did I feel the same. My response was that I was glad he said it because I wanted to say the same thing. We held each other, and it was like coming home, and like answered prayers.