Thursday, March 17, 2005

Week of firsts part III..Or Whoredom revisited..

Remember a few weeks ago when I had a brush with prostitution with a 50$ blowjob? Well I decided that instead of brushing up against it I would do a full contact collision with it. Had a guy come over and had pretty decent sex for an hour. And for that much exertion, I got 140$ for my time. This is the kind of money engineers and lawyers make. I have never made that kind of money, and that is what I make in a day and a half of work at the day job.
I think this goes back to being a ugly teenager. I saw all these girls I went to high school with go on dates and get treated to nice things because they were beautiful. It took me years to realize I have my own beauty. I have a certain charm men seem to like. And this is a statement you can take to the bank: IF MEN ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I ENJOY GIVING AWAY FOR FREE, BY THE GODDESS I'M GOING TO DO IT. And, Im not falling for some of this ethics bullshit Im getting from a few of my guy friends. Men will screw one way or the other. And if this keeps me from eating PB and J for a week after I pay my rent, so fucking be it.


Clint said...

I've never really understood the ethical or legal mandate against this sort of thing. To go all uber-feminist for a moment, I tend to think it's just another way men in power seek to control women. They know women can use sex to great advantage, so they seek to undermine that by making it illegal. I say if you can make money at it and have fun and don't feel ickey, go for it. You'll get no ethics bullshit from me.

Oh, and by the way, I still exist.

KR said...

Being a sex-worker has benefits and drawbacks. I have a few women-friends who put themselves through college doing stripping and sex-work, including my baby sister. All, save one, ended up with bad attitudes toward men, because all, save one, ended up in non-consensual sex situations. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are doing something you don't want to because someone is paying you to do it--STOP right there. Sex isn't just a bodily function--it is a portal to the soul and you can't sell the rights to that.
Other than that cautionary note, be well, take care, and please practice safe sex. Try the Reality Female Condoms. --Love ya, Kelly