Thursday, March 17, 2005

Week of firsts part II

I was going to start this post like this:
"Ever had something weird happen to you on a bed in the middle of 4 or 5 people having sex?"
Since to most that is weird, I need a new approach. So, here it goes:
Ever been in the middle of a bed with 4 or 5 people having sex and look down and realize the person going down on you isn't the gender you thought they were? LOL Last Saturday night, there I was at another swing party. We were all on the bed in a puppy pile and my eyes are closed. Someone starts eating me out. I had been fooling around with a guy so I thought it was him. It starts getting really really good so I go to put my hair in their hair..and it wasn't who I thought it was. It was a female party goer. I had two choices: freak or just go with it. I chose the latter. And I came. This female knows I'm not bi, meaning I'm not eating pussy, sorry. But I am philosophical about the situation. A tongue is a tongue, and if they want to eat me, hell Ill let them. I'm not about to shave my head and buy a Subaru and become butch, but it was a interesting experience.