Sunday, March 13, 2005

Week of firsts part I.

This past week has been rather bipolar with different things in my life swinging in all directions. I've been told at work they want me gone as much as I want to be gone. My latest painting is stalled. However, sexually things kinda rocked. Wednesday I got an IM from a guy I've been talking to for a few months. I had never met him so I said sure, come over. I was shocked at what stood at my door. He was adorable,19 years old with light blue ( he says green :P) eyes and dark brown hair. I knew he was a virgin from an earlier post. So he came in and started an evening of so much fun. He was so playful and unexpected. We talked about witchcraft and metaphysics and sex and the world. And we wrestled and ticked and kissed. I never had any experience with teenage boys even when I was a teenager because I was such a nerd. This was what I wished I had experienced when I was 18. And of course talking and wrestling turned to kissing and necking...and cherry popping. I think he learned a lot. I know I did.