Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rockers Party..The myth-the legend-the reality.

Last night was the first Rockers party I had ever attended. Rockers is a huge swing club in the central Kentucky area. I went with Mr. Cool and his shack up. The Continental Inn was sold out with the Rockers, Sweet 16 basketball tourney, and other parties. The Continental Inn is the place in town where if it happens there, it stays there sort of place. I was wearing the same little short Kleenex thin black dress I always wear, and was instructed to look for business if it stumbled upon me. We got there and the place was full of about 250-300 semi dressed people of all shapes sizes and colors. The bar was expensive and people were groping anything that moved. I walked around to find members of our personal club to tell them Mr. Cool was there, seeing that he doesn't get out much. Kept bumping into the same guy, and I hadn't met him previously. He was hot though so I kept an eye out for him.

Its kinda fun to look at all the different people there. If you have a body issue, a swing party in general, and Rockers in particular, isn't the place to have them. There were women there that would make three of me, gloriously naked and enjoying. It was rather reassuring. So I made a few loops of the party, catching the UK score on my way around the conference room. LOL even an impending orgy can't stop diehard Cats fans: in Kentucky, basketball waits for no one. I kept stopping in checking on Mr. Cool to make sure he was ok. Soon I was talking to the cute guy who happened to end up where I was a lot. He was a fellow witch, and said he thought I was 23, which always puts you in my good graces. So finally he came out and said he wanted to play. It came down to the same thing that always happens at the parties. I'm supposed to work them and I end up playing for free, always to my benefit. So I told him to go ask Mr. Cool, then went to his room, for an hour of incredible sex. I had gotten a hold of another man who thought I was a goddess and gave me all he had.

This always seems to happen when I'm depressed too. I was having feelings of inadequacy be cause I don't think I have the looks for being an escort. Then, the Goddess provides a really cool guy to prop my ego up..Thank you Mother. After some cuddling he left ahead of me cause I had to go by our room to fix makeup. On the way back was stopped by a drunk basketball guy wanting to go to my room. LOL I told him how much and he wandered off. I got back and sat with the new guy and some friends we had in common, then decided to go back to my room this time, for another hour of mind blowingly hot sex. He left when Mr.Cool and the shack up wanted to go to bed (IE FUCK). I opened the door and there stood another basketball guy wanting some, he just happened to be walking by. I sent him on his way lol. The rest of the night was spent laying there as eye candy for Mr. Cool so he could stay hard to fuck the shack up. He did give me a new sex toy though. A girl can never have enough vibrators....

So this is my assessment of Rockers: I like our club better. Granted I would have never met this really cool guy at our small parties, but ours is a bit classier. We actually socialize for a few hours before going off in our groups to play. At Rockers, you can fuck in front of God and everyone in the middle of the main party. I found it amusing, but kind of tacky. I've also come to the conclusion that I will make no money at these things unless Mr. Cool or myself set them up before hand.