Thursday, February 08, 2007

Playstation withdrawl

The Evil Enticer that is my husband got me turned onto video game RolePlayingGames a few months ago. I fell in love with RPG's all over again, hearkening me back to my youth when I geeked out with my friends and played D&D. A good RPG is like a good book: you can loose yourself inside it, and sink away from the life more ordinary.
I had just about beaten Final Fantasy X-2, and was preparing myself for Kingdom Hearts II when the PlayStation 2 started having a disc read error. This is akin to the blue screen of death for computers, either way it doesn't bode well. So for the second time, Daniel took it apart to clean it. It probably would have been kinder to take it out back and shoot it. The PS2 is certifiably dead.
Daniel has the Gamecube with him in WV, so he can play Zelda Twilight Princess (oh I shall play that game sooner or later hehehehe). Thus I am left bereft of a gaming console. You would think a 35 year old would have more dignity and not worry about not playing her games, but Ive' always been the kind of girl whom would rather be happy than dignified.


Me said...

But all might not be lost.
Have Daniel search for information on realigning the PS2's laser, many times the laser is out of whack (a highly technical term that would take up too much space to fully explain).
There is software that can be downloaded and burned onto disk that when played in the PS2 can help to adjust the laser so it will be more likely to read disks again.

Hope this works for ya.

Oh, also if you don't already have one I highly recomend getting HDExtreme this niftly little piece of software allows you to use an internally installed hard drive(inside the PS2) to put most of your PS2's games on and if you don't have an internal HD(up to 200MB) then you can plug a USB drive(as big as you want) into the PS2 and have all (most) of your games on that. So with that cool piece of software you can store away your original disks to prevent scratches, highly portable (oops don't tell Daniel, so he won't try to bogart the sytem on his trips to WV;) and many games simply load faster from the HD.

Until the next net encounter,

Anonymous said...

I know how that feels. Try having World of Warcraft Withdrawl with your sexy Level 31 Female Warlock and her Succubus suspended just so you could save up money for a pagan fest, yet you came into some money and wanted to get a game card and those coked up players with no lives get them beore you can. Oh yes I used HDExtreme and had an old 200 MB internal hard drive installed inside an external casing, but forgot to back the games up when I got a new computer because that 40 GB HDD that came with FF 11 didn't cut it. Maybe on an XBOX 360 but not on a PS2.