Friday, January 05, 2007

Rockers wipes me out

We went to a Rockers party this past weekend for new years. I believe I'm coming out of my phase about playing. Its probably because I have come to accept my body and not care what anyone else thinks. I didn't say I LIKED my body, mind you, just that i have accepted that this is what it is and try to improve the best I can during cold weather. Needless to say, we both had a good time, and I didn't sleep a lot. I have been playing catchup all this week, with today being the day i just collapsed and slept 20 hours. It takes me a week to recover nowadays. The cold weather and lack of sleep and over excitement gets me. LOL I'm not stopping either .

Some would say, "What cold weather?" It has been unseasonably warm in the Southeast. It is not, however, warm enough for me to function at all cylinders. Warm to me is 75 degrees, warm enough to have open windows and for me to go outside in shorts and short sleeves. It wont be that until May, so for now I deal.