Monday, January 29, 2007

Planning the next party..

The way our Swing group runs is that we have a party every other month, in harmony with Rockers. Our friends volunteered to host this one and not charge a cover. We advertised it on SLS ( for the first time, and have had a huge response. There should be a huge crowd.

Daniel thinks we should go in another direction with our parties. Up to now at the new hotel site, there has been more socializing and less swinging. They have been this way because we have had new couples feel uncomfortable if they see too much skin. Well, Daniel has had enough. He is getting ready to revise the FAQ for parties, and this time, people are being told to expect sex around them. There will be a smaller socializing area, with the large part of the suite being left for what swing parties are supposed to be about. Therefore, if a new couple feel uncomfortable with the level of nudity or sexual activity around them, tough. Daniel says sink or swim. There will be sexy games and Dirty dice in the play section and food and talking in the social section, with a curtain in between. Possibly, there will be a warning sign before you walk past the curtain.

Daniel wants the parties to be more lively, more down and dirty, but I feel uneasy about this. Some people who would normally turn out to be buck ass wild swingers might need a bit of time to step up to the plate, sort of speak. I would hate to lose people because they felt pressured. However, the shake up might be good and separate the real from the poser wannabe.