Sunday, December 05, 2004

Worshipping at the altar of psychobilly...

0n Friday night the heavens of rock and roll opened and The Rev. Horton Heat descended on The Dame. The good Rev. Has been a mainstay of my music collection since the early 90's. I didn't get to see him this past Feb. Because of the flu. This time I was nursing a hip injury from running ( actually a repeat of a injury from summer), but was determined to go if I had to crawl..And just about did. I held up the side of the bar right where the bands go backstage..Best place in the Dame.
Split Lip Rayfield started the night, a hot rockabilly trio from Kansas City. The hurled rockabilly bluegrass at us for a sold hour with no let up. The standing bass player's instrument was made out of what appearing to me as an old car radiator with a two strings attached..But he wailed on it. There was a couple in front of me, very involved with their music who swayed and jumped the whole set-it was fun to watch. Split Lip Rayfield will be back to the Dame, and I shall be there.
The Rev. came out about 11:30, by the time my hip started screaming. This was the very first time I had seen The Dame sold completely out. There were about 500 people there, conservatively. The music started, and crowd started moving in unison. Beer was flying through the air and no one cared at that point. Horton was dressed like Porter Wagner on acid-dayglow green with purple flames. Jimbo Wallace was on upright bass and Scott Churilla was on drums, dressed in black mechanic shirts. And as usual, all three leveled the building. They played old faves like Wiggle Stick, Big Blue Car, and Low Flying Plane. They did a takeoff on the instrumental Tequila called Marijuana and the crowd went nuts. The band covered swing, punkabilly, and country seamlessly from one song to the next. My only real disappointment was that Rev. Didn't do Sermon on the Jimbo at the end, but did do Psycobilly Freakout for the encore. I left the concert in a great deal of pain and covered in beer, but otherwise musically satisfied.