Sunday, December 12, 2004

A shocking announcement

This is an announcement for all those well meaning couples who want me to be part of a poly triad with them: I am not Bi. At one point I tried to talk myself into being at least curious, but that too has diminished. Women just don't turn me on. Now, if a woman wants to go down on me, fine, I will close my eyes and pretend its Russell Crowe. As for me doing the eating, this is an idea I just cant wrap my mind ( or tongue) around. I want to be part of triad, but with two men, not a couple. I just don't seem to relate well to other women. I don't understand the need to fight over men. I've recently seen a woman try to compete with me over a guy. She was catty, vindictive, petty, and just plain nasty. I walked away from both of them, woman and guy. I have enough drama in my life from the daily ins and outs, I don't need it over a guy. There are 5.2 BILLION humans on this planet, half are men. Now granted I wont be attracted to all of them, but there are enough around for there to be no need to fight. I just don't like to compete. If I live with two guys, hey there's a spare. Do I get jealous? Sure I do, but that has more to do with my own insecurities than worrying about the guy leaving. This happened with Dan this summer. I got tired of being put second for another woman, so I left him to her. It might be psychological: I will not compete with anyone over something that is not worth fighting over. If a guy wants me, he knows where I am. He wants another, fine go be with her.
Maybe that's why men like me. I don't give them a hard time over silly stuff. I don't smother. Rather, I like my space, and its a rare man who wants to smother back. I let them do their own thing. Like I said if they want to be with me, they know where I am. I'm not offended easily. I am moody, and some men are freaky about that, its why I live alone. So, I wont be part of a FFM triangle anytime soon. Just thought I'd let you know