Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First post from the new life.

I know I have been neglectful of my blogging recently. I have been trying to figure out my new life and get it as organized as possible. I've been trying to change over from singleton to partnered. There are things I never understood clearly, until now.

It is a good thing I like my own company...

My poor Daniel has worked several 16 hour shifts in the past week and a half. During the week, I might see him roughly 4 hours a day if that. For that reason alone I'm glad I'm here. He would work himself into the ground, and not take care of himself. At least with me here he had clean clothes, fresh food, and a warm place to sleep. I still feel guilty that I benefit more from the fruits of his labor than he does. Hopefully, once I get everything organized, it will be better.

Sleep deprivation can be a good thing...

Daniel leaves for work at 2PM, he returns at 4AM on regular nights, barring overtime. In order to spend more time with him, I've been attempting to get on his schedule, with mixed results. It takes me back to the time where I worked 2nd shift, and changed over to a 8am-4:30PM job. The sleep disruption then was horrendous. I was getting 3 hours of sleep a day trying to crowbar my internal clock into submission to the new order. Now, I'm changing back to my much-loved night owl ways, yet it seems just as hard as when I changed it the first time. Who knew getting to sleep in would be so tough?

Getting used to the lay of the land...

I haven't gotten out to explore my new surroundings yet. I've been doing aerobics on Fittv, and haven't ventured into a stroll around the new hood. I seem to be in a nesting phase, where this little Cancer loves being in her shell. Eventually I will go out on foot and explore Pikeville on foot one end to the other. Right now, I am happiest indoors.