Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Samhain 2005

I bet all of you, in my preoccupation with all things move and wedding related, thought I had forgotten the most important holiday on the Witches calendar. No so. In fact, it has been a constant thought these past days leading up to it. I will never be too busy for my faith. I laugh at the goals I had from last year, since I met none of them. But there are a few things I want to mention.

Those who have past away:
Daniel's Grandfather Cummings
Lonnie Davis, my best friend(and aunt) Margaret's mother.
My great Aunt Elsie Daniels

What I am thankful for:
Daniel, because he genuinely proved I could love again.
My painting, because I realize I do have an ability that should not be wasted.
My health, even though it has been fragile
My family, who have welcomed Daniel as one of their own.
Daniel's family, who has equally embraced me.

AND (deep breath), the three things I want to accomplish in the new year:
Get married (April 2006)
Be pregnant this time next year, since time's a wastin'
And a repeat from last year, have a show of my paintings ready.

Blessed be too all in the New Year.