Saturday, September 09, 2006

An idea whos Time has come..

Madrid bans too-thin models from catwalk --AFP
"MADRID (AFP) - Excessively skinny fashion models will be barred from a major Madrid fashion show later this month for fear they could send the wrong message to young
Spanish girls, local media reported.

Madrid's regional government, which is co-financing the Pasarela Cibeles, has vetoed around a third of the models who took part in last year's show because they weigh too little.

The authorities collaborated with a Spanish health organisation to come up with a minimum body mass -- a height-weight ratio -- of 18 for the models.

Spanish daily ABC said it was the first time such restrictions had been imposed on a fashion show, although a recent wedding dress exhibition in Barcelona banned fashion models who took a dress size below 38 (British size 10, US size eight).

Several models at last year's show provoked a row when they claimed their careers would be under threat if they put on weight.

Organisers said they wanted to "help ensure public opinion does not associate fashion, and fashion shows in particular, with an increase in anorexia, a disease which, along with bulimia, is considered ... as a mental and behavioural problem'.

This is refreshing. I LOATHE the fashion industry. Yes I like cool clothes and shoes as much as the next woman. Also, I am realistic about my size. I have never been below a size 14 in my adult life, and never think I will. Yet, every fucking fashion magazine I pick up has women at least a size 4 (and that's generous) and below between its cover. I can't relate to these women, and the designers do not make haute couture or pret a porte in my size. So even if I could afford the damn clothes, I couldn't wear them. The fact that at least one of the major fashion shows is cracking down is a breath of fresh air. I just wonder where they found models big enough.