Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Renting from the backwoods mafia

The main reason for my bad temper lately is that my beloved husband is having to live with his boss closer to work, then comes home to me on the weekends. He was having to drive 2 hours each way besides working a 12 hour shift. Now hes 15 minutes away, and only makes the long trip twice a week. I miss him terribly, and am pretty isolated. The answer is to move closer to his work, right?

Easier said than done. Now, in most reasonably populated and civilized areas, if there was a house to rent it is either in the local paper, or there are For Rent signs. Not in Logan County WV. You have to actually know someone to get info on renting a property. I have called 3 dozen (no exaggeration) people, then get numbers of 3 dozen other people, to be told they don't have anything to rent. The few that are actually posted in the Logan Banner ( are usually trailers or small apartments. I refuse to live in trailers, since they are: 1) death traps, and 2) crappy to live in. So, since we are trying to have a child, a house is the way we want to go, but we might have to see about another apartment, and they are just as hard to find there.

The other option is moving to Beckley, WV, a decently populated city. The road from Beckley to Toneys Fork, where Daniel works, is not a safe one during the winter, so this has been shot down. I am going nuts trying to find something