Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Art envy

My painting rut has lasted 8 months now. I have a basement to paint in, I have the supplies, just don't have the desire. And I see all these sites with all these painters doing good work, and I feel sick inside. I'm so afraid that I will truly find out I suck as a painter that I'm afraid to try. I love taking painting classes and make B's in them, but I feel like some big wannabe baby. Yes, I'm bitching. Yes, I'm a crybaby. Yes I should get off my lazy ass and do something. The fear is palpable. it goes to show you I am certifiable.


Anonymous said...

I completely know how you feel. I call myself a musician and a producer, but I haven't finished a piece in ages. Somehow, though, I never stay worried about this for too long. I have been happy with my work in the past, as I'm sure you have, and I know I will do more that I am proud of at some point. I'm sure you will too. Sometimes I think some artists just need to go into "observatory mode" for a while until something ignites that inspirational spark again. The fact that you are looking at the work of others and seeing its worth is a good thing. Just try to feel positively about it and focus on the aspects you really like in the work of others. Let it remind you why you want to paint in the first place, and see it as a source of lessons for things you'd like to try when you have something to express artistically.

I recently relearned how to listen to and appreciate good music, and I already have begun composing again. But what really changed is that I have a whole new heart for it. I wish you the best of luck in reawakening your own passion.