Thursday, August 31, 2006


When I grew apart from Mr. Cool (the older man I dated who turned me to Escorting), I thought he would be an adult about it. Ever since January, he has went insane with accusations about me stealing off him. To answer some accusations:

1) I had permission, when we were dating, to put my Vonage bill and about 150$ of clothes on his Visa account, with his permission. Now that its all over, he calls it stealing. He is so strung out on drugs he doesn't remember giving permission for me to use it. Go figure. When I was sharing profits with him from the whoring, I gave him over $1000 dollars. Kind of makes the difference up for a 50$ Vonage bill and $150 worth of clothes.

2) He accused me of putting extra cabins on his credit card for parties. The only time we put a cabin on his credit card was in Aug. 2005 WITH HIS PERMISSION! The rest of the parties we held for him was paid for by the cover charge.

3) He accused me of taking the portable bar profits from him. We couldn't get access to the bar he paid for, so we bought our own, since it was easier to have the bar where the parties were. The profits went right back into the bar.

4) He accused me of taking membership fees, and not turning them in to him. We never collected any membership fees to give him. It was late in the year, and we were too busy trying to keep the club afloat in his absence.

So hes been bitching about this on his yahoo club site for months now. I haven't posted on his site since I left his group in late January. Today, we tried to broker a deal with "Buffy" his representative by agreeing to send him a membership invite to our club in the understanding he would lay off the accusations. He promptly turns around and posts this crap to Rockers, a regional swing group we are affiliated with. He was reprimanded for posting personal crap on the site, but the damage was done.

I do not know what its going to take to totally sever ties with him. He threatens to tell me stuff about Daniel he supposedly has, then tries to say "oh its not about money, I just want to be friends again-lets forget it all." When we agree to be friends again, he shoots off another post online belittling us. WTF?

I am ready to give our group over to other members, and leave the lifestyle, where all our other friends are, to have it over with him. Daniel says that allows him to win, but I don't know what else to do...